Startups in Residence (SiRs) are further-developed startup companies that can provide advice to the core startups, based on the experiences they've had during their development. SiRs get the same benefits as the core startups in exchange for their advice and program support. SiRs serve as role models to the core teams.  

IgniteU NY 2016 Startups in residence 


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C&R Interactive (CRI) is an interactive communications agency that works to publish creative, collaborative content in support of economic development in Upstate New York. CRI seeks direct input from IgniteU's core and in-residence teams to determine the best way to support and develop the startup ecosystem in the region. Check out C&R's two unique brands: SMARTACUS and The New York Brainway


Ilium VR combines the experiences of gaming and virtual reality by creating physically realistic controllers for first-person-oriented video games. Currently specializing in rifle controllers, Ilium VR is looking to expand its concept as well as share advice and resources with other core and in-residence startups at IgniteU this summer. 


A personal training company, real [FIT] life tailors customized and individualized workout programs to help everyday people bring out their inner awesome. Featuring a small, six-week strength training program requiring only a two- to three-hour commitment per week, real [FIT] life emphasizes quality over quantity. The company is looking to expand with the assistance of mentors and outside input. 


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