2017 Core Startups

Inky is an online social platform for purely written expression, as opposed to other social platforms that focus on video and picture content. We cater to the needs of writers and poets like no other social platform is designed for and provide a community for readers to consume some of the best creative written content and interact with each other along the way.


In the modern world of education, there are many problems that exist on a college campus causing dissatisfaction. Two of the biggest issues leading to overall dissatisfaction are waiting a long time in line to place and receive a food order and human error while placing that order. We are a service-based venture implementing a mobile application solution dedicated to making the food ordering process for a student as simple and efficient as possible. We aim to provide greater student satisfaction along with more revenue potential for higher education institutions. Our focus is on making the ordering process perfect for students in the technological age.

Illuminate ESI - NY is a digital forensics company targeting the demand for investigative services within the digital marketplace. The services we offer, in partnership with the open source software we are developing, will shine light on the digital footprint that is left behind on every digital device. By analyzing your device's footprint, we can educate you on what gets left behind as you use the device and what you can do to create a more secure environment for the device. As of 2017, the digital forensics market is a 2.5-billion-dollar market, but is said to grow to a 14-billion-dollar market by 2021. We are currently striving to become the industry standard for performing both digital forensic acquisitions and analysis, as well as documentation through reports. By teaming up with district attorneys, the state police, and creating proprietary software, we can become the most credible standard in the field of digital forensics.

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