IgniteU would like to introduce everyone to the six startups that will be participating in our Summer Accelerator Program. This is a 9-week long program that will give the founders of these startups the tools and abilities to improve not only their startups, but themselves as entrepreneurs. Here at IgniteU we focus on relationship building, founder development, business fundamentals, and mentorship as key ways to guide these founders to success. Entering the program we have Aurox, CampusPro, Solar Snow Systems, Tech Whisperers, CenterSquare, and The Starving Artists, all of whom have unique reasons for applying to our program.


Aurox is an ag-tech startup dedicated to providing innovative technology and data solutions for dairy farms and their nutritionists. Their precision feed tracking is revolutionizing current farming methods by introducing drones and automated remote sensing technology to collect highly accurate, safe, and consistent measurements. They combine these measurements with additional on-farm data sources, providing an intuitive, easily digestible display of feed metrics.


CenterSquare is a mobile marketing app that uses proximity technologies to connect residents and visitors with local businesses. CenterSquare implements Bluetooth beacons, geofences and NFC tags to push deals, coupons, promotions, loyalty rewards, curated news and culture directly to app users’ smartphones for 24+ categories of business. Feature-rich CenterSquare helps customers grow their businesses.

empoweru vr.jpg

EmpowerU VR is a virtual reality program teaching realistic training for self defense.  The program helps to teach the user how to deescalate a situation to avoid dangerous situations, as well as how to defend them self if needed.  It is designed for anyone who feels they may need to protect themselves, spot dangers before they occur, or simply reassure that they are safe.  EmpowerU VR allows the user to redo levels and practice as much as they like in a life like situation that triggers a fight or flight response, all things that are unavailable in traditional self defense classes. 


The Starving Artists is a non-profit that hosts a variety of open mic nights, workshops, programs, and performances to give artists a safe space to explore, network, and have an opportunity to promote themselves. It encompasses and welcomes all artistic forms – including poetry, music, comedy, physical art, etc. Their mission is to provide a platform and space for development for various types of artists.


CampusPro is a mobile app that connects student freelancers with peer consumers. At the tap of a button, CampusPro brings students together, empowers them to earn, and provides instant convenience. CampusPro is tailored to the sudent's university, and enables them to choose from a list of locations on campus to meet-up. CampusPro provides a feature for consumers to get paid right after the service is completed with a secure payment processor.


Tech Whisperers is a technology service, repair, and network systems administration enterprise. Their focus is on accelerated business ownership & community leadership training with a grassroots comprehensive approach to regional community economic development They have spent the past few years on focused research, and have selected the best practices for their systems based approach.