On September 13, 2017, IgniteU NY hosted the AIS Technology Showcase.


IgniteU is home to many presentations and showcases about emerging technologies in various fields. AIS’s presentation packed the room with cyber professionals interested in what AIS had to offer for the future of cyber security.


AIS was founded in 2001 as a software company focused on critical U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense cyber-technology requirements research. Today, the company is a national leader in the emerging field of cyber operations,  serving customers across businesses, industries, and the Federal government. The continuously work to “define and develop generation-after-next concepts and capabilities to support and defend cyberspace.”
During its showcase at IgniteU, AIS brought four members of its engineering team to describe and demonstrate two of their capabilities: SHIH-TSU and WARDEN.


SHIH-TSU - Scalable Hypervisor-based Installation of Highly Trusted Security Updates

A framework for conducting automated functional testing of systems on which updates have been installed both prior to and after those updates have been deployed organization-wide to ensure that business continuity is achieved.


Attendees were able to see firsthand the advanced R&D that will shape the future of supporting and defending cyberspace. A networking session followed the presentation, allowing the professionals to meet with the development team, provide feedback, discuss their own ideas, and look for collaboration opportunities to partner or pilot the technologies.


For more information about AIS: https://www.ainfosec.com/about-us/

For more information about IgniteU NY and upcoming showcases: http://www.igniteuny.com/