This past week, IgniteU teams talked about their goals for the summer accelerator program. Here’s what our entrepreneurs are most interested in learning from IgniteU.

1.     Networking – Networking is the lifeline for entrepreneurs. Shaking the right hands can mean “do or die” for a new business. IgniteU excels at putting our teams in front of the right people. We bring in lawyers, subject matter experts, and various community members for our teams to work with. Building durable relationships through networking will serve the teams well, whether they leverage those contacts immediately or years down the road.

2.     Pivoting – Not every business is set in stone when they come to IgniteU. As an early-stage accelerator, we aim to help companies start moving in the direction guided by their customer interactions so that they don’t stagnate (which can happen without proper execution and guidance). Sometimes, that means pivoting from the original business concept to something new. Pivoting can feel intimidating, but the mentors we provide help all startup teams navigate business challenges.

3.     Personal Growth – The process of entrepreneurship provides numerous opportunities for personal growth. Human character is tested under pressure, and builds as a new business goes through the stages of a startup. Our entrepreneurs are learning where they excel and where they have opportunities to learn new skills. The vlogs we are making for the teams capture how the teams evolve over the eight weeks of the accelerator program—and by the end of the program, they will be amazed to see just how far they’ve come