Our first program was a great success and we are excited to see what Summer 2016 will bring!

2015 program:

  • 12 startups applied; 4 teams (11 people) were accepted into and completed the program
  • 5 additional startups participated as startups-in-residence
  • 31 mentors (including 19 investors) volunteered 70+ hours to the program
  • Core teams engaged in 270 customer interviews that resulted in 1,207 insights during the 7-week program
  • 13 universities were represented as students or alumni in the program or as a member of the administration team
  • 70+ community members attended the IgniteU Health-Tech Forum, which showcased four health-tech startups in Upstate NY

Since the program the core teams:

  • Entered or applied to a later-stage accelerator
  • Raised $100,000 in seed funding
  • Launched a beta product
  • Generated revenue
  • Hired additional employees
  • Formed advisory boards
  • Continued engaging with mentors