Startups in Residence (SiR's) is a concept being piloted by the IgniteU NY program.  SiR's are further developed startup companies that can provide advice to the core startups from the experiences they've had during their development.  SiR's get the same benefits as the core startups in exchange for their advice and program support.  SiR's serve as role models to the teams, they act as a point of contact for the teams during the eight week program by handling questions and staying updated on their progress.  

Synerji is creating harmony among companies and their data to maximize information-driven results. Leveraging from high performance computing, our technology transforms big data into actionable insights for decision makers. They have licensed a machine learning product that has been developed and validated by the Air Force Research Laboratory for government operations. Now, Synerji is seeking a strategic partnership to take the technology to the commercial industry and revolutionize the way value is discovered in data.  More Info

Coast Designwear is a lifestyle brand embracing the dual cultures of New York and Los Angeles. Coast was born out of a passion to create individuality of style in the eyewear, accessory, and apparel markets. They place a special focus on natural, sustainably sourced materials and organic designs, and understand the natural affinity we as humans have to such goods. They currently offer premium eyewear and iPhone skins handcrafted from a variety of exotic woods. Coast constantly seeks to take the ordinary and make it unexpected - and they ask you to join us on this journey.    More info.

ReVivo Medical is an early-stage medical device company dedicated to improving treatments for back and neck pain through innovative design solutions. Based on decades of surgical experience, ReVivo has developed a family of spinal implants which are designed to improve long term outcomes, reduce complications, decrease operating room time, and diminish overall costs- qualities that are critical with the passage of the Affordable Care Act.  ReVivo’s products improve cervical spine fusion by optimizing implant bio-mechanics and integrating features which offer value to all stakeholders: the patient, the surgeon, the hospital, and the healthcare system.   More Info.

SmartKids NY wants to spark early interest in STEM and boost the number of STEM-inspired students entering middle school by accelerating the introduction of entrepreneurs and innovators into elementary schools. Their program keeps STEM current and hands-on for kids, provides them with real role models, and supports classroom teaching with content and program materials that are standards based, aligned with Common Core and the NYS Science Standard, and offer a cross-curricular component tying together ELA, math, science and social studies.  More Info

Glauconix is a contract research organization providing glaucoma drug screening services to the biopharma industry.  Glauconix service uses a proprietary technology that quickly identifies the most effective glaucoma drugs saving time and money.   
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